Technology Compliance Advisory
Maintain compliance with government regulations and internal corporate policy.

Technology Implementation
Minimize the risks associated with new Technology Hardware and Software

Technology Process Implementation
Ensure your compliance, process, policies and procedures data are  accurate

Addressing the needs of corporations within Finance and Accounting, Logistics, Wireless, Telecom, Cellular, Casino Gaming, Insurance and Banking, Document Management, Satellite, Entertainment, Biotech, Shipping Logistics, Construction, Health Care and Manufacturing, Energy, Higher Learning Education

At Eventreks Consulting, we’re focused on providing technology compliance advisory services to clients ranging from emerging businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


  • Project Management
  • Technology Compliance Advisory
  • Technology Implementation
  • IT Process Implementation
  • Information Technology Audit
  • Virtual Training
  • Web Development
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Data Hosting Services

Why is Information Technology So Important?

  • IT’s relevance to Internal Controls and Financial Reporting
  • IT controls are a key part of the overall Control Environment
  • IT is embedded within Reporting transactions and processing
  • IT directly impacts key financial statement assertions
  • IT controls are relied upon to protect critical organizational data

Corporate and Organization executives are explicitly responsible for establishing, evaluating and monitoring the effectiveness of internal controls within their legal entities. For most organizations, the role of IT will be crucial to achieving this objective. Whether through a unified ERP system or a disparate collection of operational and financial management software applications, IT is the foundation of an effective system of internal control over organization and business reporting.

Yet, many of the IT professionals being held accountable for the quality and integrity of information generated by their IT systems are not well versed in the intricacies of internal control. This is not to suggest that risk is not being managed by IT, but rather that it may not be formalized or structured in a way required by an organization’s management or its auditors.

We can help you obtain compliance success by providing a team professional or staff augmentation.

Many IT departments are working to implement effective controls over critical systems and applications.

While IT Governance and compliance may seem like a burden today, ultimately, it can aid you in creating leaner, and more focused business processes and improving IT controls.