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Technology Implementation

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Technology Implementation
Minimize the compliance risks associated with new and existing technology hardware or software systems.

Whether you’re implementing hardware or software application and/or solutions for the first time, enhancing the functionality of an existing solution, or upgrading an existing solution, you face a number of critical issues.

Eventreks Consulting has developed comprehensive services and solutions to help IT organizations master the challenges of designing and implementing applications while maintaining compliance through proper design, documentation, and installation.

Our services span all phases of a project – from the assessment of your current situation to the planning and delivery of your implementation or upgrade path.

We always ensure the tight alignment of IT with your business requirements,   creating the foundation of an adaptive enterprise.

We can help you design and implement applications across all elements of your IT environment:

  • Systems Applications (Software)
  • Operating Systems
  • Database Applications
  • Data Center
  • Networks

Additionally, we’ll assist you to create and providing adequate evidence of critical Program Development Controls, which at a minimum include:

  • System Testing
  • System Documentation


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