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This proposal has been created to perform a website redesign for  The quotation contains information to facilitate periodic conferences, membership-based activities, and social media integration for membership growth, donations (investors and supports), marketing and re-targeting practices.

Hrs | Qty Service Rate | PriceSub Total
1 Non-Profit Webdesign Package

5-7 pages of custom, modernized layout and design including client approved colors, photos/graphics, standard contact form, unlimited standard blogging (news articles), media library (organizes photo, audio, video, and document content), donor links to existing PayPal account, testimonies, basic online application, standard photo/video gallery integrated Facebook and Instagram Feeds, unlimited hyperlinks, audio clips, video clips, Transfer of existing website data and administrative panel (Access 24/7) for staff members based upon roles (executives, editors, ambassadors, public relations, authors and contributors) and staff permissible updates.

1 Blogging with Social Media Integration

Allows you to publish articles from your website 24/7 in text, video, audio and pictorial formats with integration to Facebook, Linked, Twitter and Google+

1 Biography, Leadership and Staff Page (optional)

Easily showcase and update members of your team/company and their information in a professional way including title and headshots, skill levels, and favorite quotes Also allows optional links to social media pages.

1 Customized Contact Form (optional)

Provides an intake form to allow customers to contact you with a specification of interest including mailing address, phone and fax number All emails are forwarded to an email address(s) of your choosing. Increase efficiency by performing proper intake of specific clientele data upon submission.

1 Contact Form DB (optional)

Provides database capture of forms and allows download into Excel Spreadsheet or .csv files for analysis, exportation or lead follow-up.

1 Newsletter Capability - Organic email distribution (optional)

Whether you’re looking to collect email addresses, contact information, or visitor feedback, we can customize your newsletter capability with data fields to integrate directly from your own website.

1 Integrated Newsletter Capability - 3rd party email distribution

Whether you’re looking to collect email addresses, contact information, or visitor feedback, we can customize your forms with data fields to integrate directly with Constant Contact, MailChimp or Aweber. Create news posts and use the 3rd party to distribute the newsletter.

1 Integrated Donation System (optional)

Accept donations via your eCommerce gateway account including giving your donors the option to make their donation repeat automatically. Provides email donors customized email Thank You messages. Additionally, allows “in honor of” donations and send a customized Thank You email to a designated recipient. Export donation listing for easy tracking and pledge receipts.

1 Event Publishing and Management (optional)

Allows to publish your upcoming and past events to your readership and also integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to share the location, time, venue, synopsis and links to a ticket outlet of your choice.

1 Complex Blog Article (optional)

Adds auto formatted bibliography references, footnotes, endnotes, images. audio, video, and additional text in excess of more than 1200 characters.

1 Frequently Asked Questions (optional)

Showcase (12) of your most frequently asked or key questions to answer clientele

1 Membership Access (optional)

Requires registration to access your website from each internal member including specific earmarked content for specific external users. Member access may set at various levels to include FREE and/or PAID access. General content designated by you can still be viewed by guest users without registration. Protects and safeguards documents, videos, and audio or exclude news information, specific pages and feature access on your website. Members are provided with customized profiles to capture specific information (.i.e. Birthdate, Social media links, Marital status etc).

1 Customized Online Application (optional)

Section by Section online application showcasing progression and data entry of applicants. Data is stored on your server but available to staff to download into an Excel spreadsheet for analysis, mail merge, or followup scheduling.

1 Integrated Online CRM system (optional - billed annually)

Back Office interface provides customer relationship management for your organization to perform userprofiles, contact management, search & filtering, activity scheduling, reporting, and contact grouping (i.e. university), Life stages including clientele document management, integrated MailChimp, SMS Notification. (SMS gateway charges are applicable separately)

1 Integrated Photo Gallery (optional)

Allows adding an unlimited number of images and/or video to your blog to showcase your images by combining them into albums. You can create an unlimited number of galleries, combine them into albums, and provide descriptions and tags.

1 Mobile Responsiveness

Ability to access a website on any device or mobile phone. Saves cost of building a full mobile app (Android/IOS) while performing as a mobile interface for smartphone and tablet users.

1 Website Analysis (optional)

Full review and performance analysis report on the current website. May be applied towards new website development or design.

2 Website Training

Hours of Website Training to provide understand how to accessing, modifying and use your new web platform. Max attendance: 3 persons

3 Technical Support - Ticket Based

Months of Online technical support for website corrections and ongoing maintenance.

1 Add-on Customized Page (optional)

Design of additional web page of any type available from your company

1 Domain Name Transfer

Move from current host to Eventreks servers to provide website hosting and email capability

1 Customized Sidebar (optional)

Add additional sidebar to pages with content including images, video, and audio

1 Website Based GOOGLE Analytics (optional)

Allows GOOGLE analytics and reports within website dashboard

1 Annual SSL Certificate (recommended)

Billed Annually - Boosts Google search ranking, compatible with all major browsers, and displays a Security Seal on your site.

3 Billed Quarterly - Essential Hosting

Billed every 3 months. Save 10% by paying quarterly for your website and data hosting: - unlimited send and receive for 7 email addresses including Level One Cloudflare CDN

3 Billed Quarterly - Business Hosting - 20,000 visits - 10 GB SSD storage

Billed every 3 months. Save 10% by paying quarterly for your website and data hosting: - integrates with Google Suite Services including Level Cloudflare PRO CDN

1 Installment Payment(s)

x payments of $ until balance of $y is completed plus $49.95 service charge. Web Hosting is not included within financing pricing. (**Website must be organically hosted. Not all products and services apply.) 3, 6, and 8 month plans are available.

Sub Total $2,595.00
Tax $265.99
Total $2,860.99

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