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Alleviate Inc.
I am assisting Bottom-Line Realty Resources re-brand. The company specializes in commercial lending and small business loans. I have attached a copy of a flyer the company currently uses. They have a website: hosted with vista prints. Below is what we would a quote for and I will need a sample of your or to show the client, please.
1. A logo
2. Business cards
3. Website revamp
Feel free to comment in the section below to add, edit or remove items which you think are non-specific to this project.
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1 Website Analysis

Review and analysis report on the current website. May be applied towards new website development or design.

1 Custom Logo

Custom (4) color logo to represent the company rendered for print including business cards, flyers, and stationary

1 Remove Flash technology opening

FLASH is a web legacy technoloy and does not display in all browsers

1 Web Design

Business Starter Package - 5-7 pages of layout and custom design including client approved colors, photos/graphics, unlimited hyperlinks, audio clips, video clips, and administrative panel (Access 24/7) for updates. Website layout should favor a financial instituion or a lender/bank.

1 Customized Services Page

Design the centralization page of all services available from your company

1 Customized Contact Page and Form

Provides an intake form to allow customers to contact you with a specification of interest of product or service including mailing address, phone and fax number All emails are forwarded to an email address of your choosing.

1 Contact Form DB

Provides database capture of forms and allows download into Excel Spreadsheet or.CSV files for analysis or lead follow-up.

1 Home Page Slider

Integrated carousel of combined images and text

1 Blogging with Social Media Integration

Allows you to publish articles from your website 24/7 in text, video, audio and pictorial formats with integration to Facebook, Linked, Twitter and Google+

1 Integrated Media Library

Repository of Image, Documents, Audio, and Video for your website

1 Customized Sidebar

Add additional sidebars within pages with content including images, video, and audio

1 Online Loan Application

Customized multi-part loan application to allow clients to apply for funds via the website

1 Online Payment Center

Allow clients to make payments via the website. Payments may be structured as recurring or one time via credit or debit card.

1 Recent Closing Gallery

Add recent deals closing as a revolving or fading slider

1 Frequently Asked Questions

Showcase (12) of your most frequently asked or key questions to answer clientele's issues in advance.

1 Loan Products Groupings

Place all loan products and services into Personal and Business sections separately. Also list current interest rate on product groups

1 Update domain name

Change domain name into a "One" word solution. is difficult to remember or repeat to other clients for "word of mouth" referral or marketing exposure.

1 Annual Hosting

Annual Hosting Billing includes online and email based technical support

3 Technical Support

Months of Online technical support for website corrections and ongoing maintenance.

2 Training

Hours of training to provide understand how to accessing, modifying and use your new web platform. Max attendance: 12 persons

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Total $6,660.00

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