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5113 S. Harper Avenue
Suite 2C
Chicago, IL 60615

office: 773-347-9788

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Quote Date June 30, 2017
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15331 Kuykendahl Road Suite 610
Houston, Tx 77090
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1 Website Analysis

Review and analysis report on the current website. May be applied towards new website development or design.

1 Web Re-Design

Redesign of the website ( including items: 1) Decrease map size and add more detailed information on other forms of contact. 2) Create verbiage to emphasize how funds are utilized**, 3) Add a downloadable brochure to increase lead generation**. 4) Adding “Disclaimer and Privacy” pages to protect your company and website legally from lawsuits**, 5) A “Footer” section can assist with contact information, legal disclosures, links, address information and more so the web site visitor to find everything on the “Home” page to make initial contact. Add the “Footer” section to every page

1 Home Page Slider

Revised Integrated carousel of combined images and text

1 Customized Contact Page and Form

Provides an intake form to allow customers to contact you with a specification of interest including mailing address, phone and fax number All emails are forwarded to an email address of your choosing.

1 Integrated Media Library

Repository of Image, Documents, Audio, and Video for your website

1 Blogging with Social Media Integration

Allows you to publish articles from your website 24/7 in text, video, audio and pictorial formats with integration to Facebook, Linked, Twitter and Google+

3 Grammar and Spelling Review

Full Grammar and Spelling Review and correction of entire website

3 Image Compression

Allows for faster dowload of home page slider and website images

2 Additional Pages

Adding “Disclaimer and Privacy” pages to protect your company and website legally from lawsuits**

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Total $515.00

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