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Events Ticketing Module provides the ability to publish events, locations, and manage bookings, including time date, speaker information, credit card processing, and ticketing. 

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1 Events Ticketing Module

Events Ticketing Module
1. Unlimited Events
2. Event Publishing
3. Events Listing Page
4. Events Description
5. Unlimited Ticket Types and Description
6. General Email Notifications
7. Email Receipt Confirmation (User/Speaker/Owner)
8. Location Manager
9. Overbooking prevention
10. Double Booking prevention
11. Speaker Integration
12. Social Media Integration
13. Bookings Page
14. Invoice Receipts
15. Stripe Integration

1 Extended Features

1. Customized PDF-based Tickets
2. Automated Coupon Capability
3. Extended User Registration Form
4. Membership Based Pricing
5. Customized Email Notifications
6. Zoom Integration
7. Google Calendar Integration
8. Event Follow-Up Emails
9. Track Events Dates, Event Times and Location.
10. Add a static attachment (any file from Media Library).
11. Send an automated email to bookings if certain event details have changed.
12. Send a customized email with branding to all bookings
13. Dynamic QR Codes
14. Send an automated reminder email with a PDF of current bookings to the event owner, X hours before the event starts.

1 Custom Event Template and Countdown

Custom Event Template including countdown, Conference schedule, Daily Agenda, and Session times

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Total $882.00

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