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Quote Number EVQ-111580
Quote Date December 13, 2018
Valid Until December 19, 2018
Total $159.99

This is a courtesy notice that is expired and has entered redemption. This holding period will last 45 – 60 days, during which time the domain will be available to be redeemed by the current registrant for an additional fee or be purchased by a third party. If the domain is not redeemed or acquired during this time, it will be submitted to the registry for deletion and will be unrecoverable until it is released for anyone to register.

Redeeming a domain from redemption will effectively renew the domain for 1 year, restoring its active status. Until the domain name is released, there is a fee in addition to the cost of the domain renewal in order to retrieve it from redemption. This fee is incurred by the registry itself and cannot be waived.

If you wish to renew your domain and redeem it from redemption, you will need to click the pay the amount quoted and process the renewal.  Or you may choose a new domain at: Claim Your Domain

Important: The domain registration will belong to you until the end of the term once the payment has been processed. It can take up to 72 hours from the time of payment for the domain to be reactivated.

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1 Billed Annually - Domain Name Renewal

We’ll renew your domain name for one year.

1 Claim Your Domain

Billed Yearly - Annual website and data hosting: 5MB of Storage, Level One Cloudflare CDN, SSL certificate, and unlimited send and receive for 1 email address.

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Total $159.99

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