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Invoice Number EV-137643
Invoice Date May 4, 2019
Due Date May 5, 2019
Total Due $7,300.00
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Website Development – $5,200.00 - Website software development specific to an Online eCommerce Shop with Membership based features and full (24/7) administrative access including the following features and functionality for usage within the internet and digital marketing including but not limited to social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

Hrs | Qty Service Rate | PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Product Broker Webdesign Package

1. Customized programming and design including theme colors, layout and content
2. Categorized audio, articles, documents, programs, resource links and video for easy navigation
3. Role and Privilege based members, staff and store manager(s) for content access and task delegation
4. eCommerce (ability to accept online credit/debit cards and wire transfers for orders)
5. Unlimited Articles with integrated News archives (News and Blogging) **server space prohibitive
6. Customer account-based pricing to determine unique price on each item (Both Simple and Variable products supported)
7. Unlimited Product categories and products - Add as many virtual or physical products as you want to sell
8. Virtual Coupons allows customers coupons for a fixed amount, a percentage off or unique offers
9. Geo-location provides Auto-detection your customer's address for shipping and tax calculations
10. Asset Management - Track stock levels, hold stock after an order is canceled, get email notifications for low and out-of-stock items, hide out-of-stock items
11. Tax options: Show taxes based on your customer's shipping address, billing address or your store’s base a. address. Automatically calculate major country and state tax rates.
12. Mobile Responsive (interchangeable programming adapts for computer | smartphone | tablet | laptop viewing)
13. Social Media Sharing and Integration including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn 14. One-click refunds to customers (administratively controlled)
15. One-click customer re-order (customer and/or administratively controlled)
16. Full sales and product reporting (export to QuickBooks or Peachtree capability)

1 Domain Name Transfer

Move from current host to Eventreks servers to provide website hosting and email capability

1 Marketplace Capability

1. Multiple vendors, contractors, and distributors in one shop integration
2. Distributors/Vendors can send information to the Website Owner regarding the shipment (tracking number, date, company, notes via website)
3. Assign specific products to Distributors/Vendors
4. Distributors/Vendors gets notified when one of their products gets sold
5. Distributors/Vendors can easily notify the Website Owner when they have shipped the order to the customer
6. Store managers can easily see if a product has been shipped by Distributors/Vendors that took part in an order
7. Custom dashboard for Distributors/Vendors with a summary of total sales, products sold, and orders
8. Distributors/Vendors can change the currency in their settings panel
9. Hide/Show Customer email address and/or telephone number to Distributors/Vendors
10. Control panel to monitor Distributors/Vendors sales
11. Multiple Distributors/Vendors participation in a single order
12. Packing slip printing for Distributors/Vendors to place in packages.

3 Vendor Setup

Includes initial vendor setup including product photos, description, taxes, and eCommerce data configuration (payout and reporting).

1 Custom Logo

Custom (4) color logo to represent the company rendered for printing including business cards, flyers, and stationery

2 Website Training

Hours of Website Training to provide understand how to accessing, modifying and use your new web platform. Max attendance: 3 persons

3 Technical Support

Months of Online technical support for website corrections and ongoing maintenance.

Sub Total $9,800.00
Tax $0.00
Project Total $9,800.00
Amount payable for this Balance Invoice
Deposit -$2,500.00
Total Due $7,300.00

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