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Villas of Somerset of Calumet Park

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Easily send SMS messages from your community portal including SMS page messaging page, scheduled SMS/MMS, SMS Newsletter, GDPR compliance, archived SMS page, Subscribers, and group management of messages.

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1 Send SMS messages to residents

There are numerous options on this page for sending SMS. The Send SMS page lets you send SMS and MMS to subscribers, SMS is pure text. MMS is the ability to send a photo with an SMS message. To catch the recipient's attention immediately, you can send a "flash SMS" to them. A message appears on the recipient's mobile screen directly. All messages are GDPR Compliant
To ensure the mobile numbers are correct, a validation for mobile number fields.

1 Create Groups to send Messages

You can manage newsletter subscribers and create groupings for them.

1 SMS Outputs including confirmation

All SMS messages are stored in the database, and you can have a record of them. There are options for re-sending, deleting, and searching previously sent messages to groups and individuals

1 Scheduled SMS

You can schedule SMS sending for time-sensitive messages to your users.

1 SMS usage tracking and credits

All SMS messages are stored in WP-SMS, and you can have an archive of them. There is some option for re-sending, deleting, and searching messages. Additionally, track the usage for each credit.

1 Bulk Pricing for SMS and MMS

You will only pay for what you use based on your subscription plan per message.
Send SMS Message: $ 0.0075
Send MMS Message: $ 0.0200

Note: $100.00 (367 messages) min. Message credits do not expire. A message consists of 160 characters each.

Sub Total $550.00
Tax $56.38
Total Due $606.38

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