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5113 S. Harper Avenue
Suite 2C
Chicago, IL 60615

office: 773-347-9788

Invoice Number EV-137486-1
Invoice Date July 17, 2017
Due Date July 19, 2017
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Thrive and G.R.O.E. Academy

PO Box 924007
Houston, Texas 77292

Company Number:

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1 Claim Your Domain

Annual Domain Registration with ICANN, web hosting package, one page of Web Design and 12 email addresses

1 Web Design

Business Starter Package - 5-7 pages of layout and custom design including client approved colors, photos/graphics, unlimited hyperlinks, audio clips, video clips, and administrative panel (Access 24/7) for updates. A website is being provided with the submission of a tax donation receipt issued by your non-profit.

1 Mobile Responsiveness

Ability to access website on any device or mobile phone

1 Home Page Slider

Integrated carousel of combined images and text

1 Blogging with Social Media Integration

Allows you to publish articles from your website 24/7 in text, video, audio and pictorial formats with integration to Facebook, Linked, Twitter and Google+

1 Customized Contact Page and Form

Provides an intake form to allow customers to contact you with a specification of interest including mailing address, phone and fax number All emails are forwarded to an email address of your choosing.

1 Customized Sidebar

Add additional pages with content including images, video, and audio

3 Technical Support

Months of Online technical support for website corrections and ongoing maintenance.

2 Training

Hours of training to provide understand how to accessing, modifying and use your new web platform. Max attendance: 12 persons

1 Customized Services Page

Design the centralization page of all services available from your company

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Project Total $250.00
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Deposit $100.00
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