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Invoice Number EV-137615
Invoice Date November 17, 2018
Due Date November 18, 2018
Total Due $159.99

Mr. Benshimeon,

Our records show you have the domain, registered with us.  I have prepared this invoice for you to make a payment to renew your registration and add hosting capabilities.

We also show record that you have attempted to purchase a Claim Your Domain package with the domain,  Unfortunately, that domain is not available.

If you wish to purchase an additional package using Claim Your Domain, please visit our website here to "Order a New Package" or Simply click the green box in the upper left-hand corner to Renew your current domain name.

Thanks for choosing Eventreks LLC!

Marlene Harbowski
Billing Support

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1 Billed Annually - Domain Name Renewal

We’ll renew your domain name for one year.

1 Billed Annually - Claim Your Domain

Billed Yearly - Annual website and data hosting: Level One Cloudflare CDN, SSL certificate, and unlimited send and receive for 1 email address.

Sub Total $209.99
Tax $0.00
Discount -$50.00
Total Due $159.99

Thank You for choosing Eventreks!