5113 S. Harper Avenue
Suite 2C
Chicago, IL 60615

office: 773-347-9788

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Invoice Date January 5, 2018
Due Date January 6, 2018
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Hannah Holistic Healing

3787 Grant Street
Gary, IN 46408

Phone: 773.443.0723
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1 Web Design Re-Design

Business Starter Package - 5-7 pages of layout and custom design including client approved colors, photos/graphics, unlimited hyperlinks, audio clips, video clips, and administrative panel (Access 24/7) for updates

1 Custom Logo

Custom (4) color logo to represent the company rendered for print including business cards, flyers, and stationery

1 Appointment System (Upgrade and Repair)

Automated online booking and scheduling with online payments and notifications,

1 (4) Customized Services Page(s)

Design the centralization page of all services available from your company

1 Mobile Responsiveness

Ability to access website on any device or mobile phone

1 Customized Contact Page and Form

Provides an intake form to allow customers to contact you with a specification of interest including mailing address, phone and fax number All emails are forwarded to an email address of your choosing.

1 Contact Form DB

Provides database capture of forms and allows download into Excel Spreadsheet or.CSV files for analysis or lead follow-up.

1 Integrated Media Library and Gallery

Repository of Image, Documents, Audio, and Video for your website with Photo Gallery

1 Events Publisher and Manager

Allows to publish your upcoming and past events to your readership and also integrates with Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to share the location, time, venue, synopsis and links to a ticket outlet of your choice.

1 Revised Online Store Options

Revise page layout for online purchases.

1 Revised member Section Layout $300.00-100%$0.00
Sub Total $2,649.99
Tax $271.62
Paid -$2,921.61
Total Due $0.00

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