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Ego Tees

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1 Domain Name Renewal

Billed Annually - We’ll renew your domain name for one year.

3 Billed Quarterly - Essential Hosting

Billed every 3 months. Save 10% by paying quarterly for your website and data hosting: - unlimited send and receive for 12 email addresses includeing Cloudflare CDN

1 Annual SSL Certificate

Billed Annually - Boosts Google search ranking, compatible with all major browsers, and displays a Security Seal on your eCommerce or Data Protected site.

3 Cloudflare CDN

Billed Quarterly - CloudFlare CDN (Level One) makes your website load faster in any part of the world by caching its content and distributing it over multiple data centers. When foreign visitors access your website, our CDN delivers the content much faster from the closest data center to them. CloudFlare also protects your site by identifying and blocking malicious traffic to it.

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