This is a Deposit Invoice for 50% of the project total



5113 S. Harper Avenue
Suite 2C
Chicago, IL 60615

office: 773-347-9788

Invoice Number EV-137756-1
Invoice Date December 11, 2021
Total Due $137.81

4137 Sauk Trail
DBC Offices
Suite 119
Richton Park, Illinois 60471

Appointments module to your website and manage appointments online based upon your work schedule. Allows flexible time management including multiple locations, services, and workers. Includes automatic email notifications and eCommerce fee collections via Stripe or PayPal.

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1 Appointment Scheduling Module

Create a dedicated calendar for multiple locations/services /workers while maintaining time slots.

Sub Total $249.99
Tax $25.62
Project Total $275.61
Amount payable for this Deposit Invoice
Deposit $137.81
Total Due $137.81

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