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Invoice Date November 10, 2018
Due Date December 19, 2018
Total Due $132.30
Antigua Chicago

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Hola Antigua Chicago!

It's your second anniversary since we embarked on your project.  It's time for your annual billing for including website and data hosting.  Below, please find a copy of your annual invoice to continue your hosting service with us.

We appreciate your business!

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3 Annual Hosting Billing

Quarterly Website Hosting: - website and data hosting including unlimited send and receive for 1 email addresses, daily website backups, software upgrades, and online support system.

12 CloudFlare CDN

The Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN) will cache your website content and will distribute it over multiple data centers around the world. Additionally, Cloudflare protects your website by analyzing which of the traffic you get is legitimate and which is malicious. It will automatically block malicious and unwanted traffic.

1 Billed Annually - Domain Name Renewal

We’ll renew your domain name for one year.

Sub Total $120.00
Tax $12.30
Total Due $132.30