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The FBI Wanted a Backdoor to the iPhone. Tim Cook Said No

IN 2016, TIM Cook fought the law—and won. Late in the afternoon of Tuesday, February 16, 2016, Cook and several lieutenants gathered in the “junior boardroom”...

Samsung Gear S2 And S3 Finally Work With The iPhone

If you have an iPhone but remain unimpressed by what the Apple Watch can do, then soon you will be able to choose from...

AirBar Will Change The Way You Look At (And Touch) Your MacBook Air

In December 2015, Tech Times introduced the Neonode AirBar, a device that adds touchscreen capability to regular laptops by projecting an invisible light field on...

Google Will Help You Shop At A BMW Showroom Using Augmented Reality

Shopping for a car online used to be unthinkable mainly because you wouldn't be able to get a realistic perspective of how the car...
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