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5 New Ways of Thinking about 2019


Here’s some habits we prepared earlier…

If you want 2019 to look different in terms of health and headspace, here are some of Dr Cleo’s favourite habits that will make a significant difference to your life.

Do an exercise you love

I speak to a lot of people who say they hate exercise but there are so many different ways to move,” she points out. “It could be hula-hooping or rock climbing or anything else completely out of the box.

“For me, I’ve discovered I love strength training and it has become such a routine that if I miss a day, I want to make up for it at another time because I really enjoy it.”

Add more vegetables

2019 is not the year for deprivation – it’s about adding in more good stuff so you fill up and crave fewer treats.

“Focus on eating more nutritious foods and add more fruit and more vegetables into your daily life,” Dr Cleo suggests. “Maybe you could sign up for a fresh produce delivery box or start shopping at a farmer’s market – changing up your environment could be conducive towards achieving this goal.”

Set a bedtime

Good sleep is essential for a stable weight and mood so make this the year that you stop binging TV until the AM.

“Actually get to bed at a certain time and have a really nice wind-down routine,” Dr Cleo suggests. “Many people complain of being constantly tired, but people also say ‘I binge-watch Netflix’. It’s important to connect with what you care about more.”

Be kind to yourself

This is the year for self-compassion.

“Know that you’re human and success isn’t a linear process – setbacks are bound to happen,” Dr Cleo says. “You need to think, ‘It’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when‘ – have self-compassion, be kind to yourself and keep going.”

Regularly check in with yourself

Whatever your habit-change, keep yourself accountable with calendar alarms or checklists.

“Tracking or self-monitoring is a really important part of habit formation,” Dr Cleo says. “You might have a calendar that you tick off every time you’ve done your goal. Set alerts on your phone to prompt you to do the new habit.”